Our brands for end consumers

Hügli has a comprehensive brand-based business encompassing a variety of labels and product ranges to cater for various sales channels.

Our brand portfolio is primarily of organic quality and comprises primarily self-produced items from the Hügli core product range, such as soups, sauces, broths, condiments, dressings, ready-made meals, tomato sauces, spreads and meat alternatives. The range of brands is complemented by selected trade goods, above all juices, cereals, oils, gourmet items and dairy products.

Eden, granoVita, Heirler, Cenovis, Neuco, Erntesegen and Natur Compagnie brand products are distributed across Germany through health food stores and whole food stores and are also exported.

The tellofix and OSCHO brands are sold to end consumers via direct selling structures (weekly markets, mobile retail, mail order business and online shop).

Eden, Heirler, Cenovis and tellofix products are available from food retailers, in particular Rewe and EDEKA.

In the form of the national granoVita companies in the UK and Spain, we have also been operating two foreign independent distribution organisations since 2015 that sell our brand products.

Natur Compagnie